How much does it cost?
Fifteen bucks cash on the door.

What do I wear?
Something you can move and sweat in - gym gears, shoes that flash in the dark, trainers, kimono chic, that fez hat you got from Morocco – anything goes.....


What do I bring?
Water, fifteen bucks, your best dance moves, 

What is included in the entry fee?
DJs, dancing, genuine human interactions, free fruit, plunger coffee, organic juice, and an in-love-with-the-world feeling when you sit down at your desk at work. 


What's the parking like? 
Rather good at 6:30am - usually lots of parking around Mercury Lane, and around Beresford Street + Pitt Street.  


Can I bring my kids?

While Morning People is Drug/Alcohol free, Whammy Bar is still a licensed premise so anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  If you would like to bring your offspring make sure they have ear protection as it can get loud.

Do you have showers?
There are toilets at the venue, but no showers sorry.

Do you have eftpos?
Cash only at this stage.

I am a Morning Person, but 6:30am is a touch too early for me - can I just come for some of the time?
Sure can! Drop in, drop out when it suits.

Do you have a Morning People near me?
Get in touch
 - we’ll see what we can do


Isn’t this all just a bit, ah …weird?
A little, yes. But aren’t all the good things in life?